When you walk into our salon, a warm greeting from our stylists will put you at ease and make you feel like you’re among friends.

In our salon, our connections are closer—we’re only 3 degrees apart.   

The concept of “3 degrees” is our spin on the idea of “6 degrees of separation”, which states that any person can be connected to anyone else on the planet through a chain of six or fewer social connections. In the age of digital social networking, this concept has been updated and it is believed that any person can be connected to another through 3 degrees of separation.

With the power of this chain of amicable-connections and the unlimited potential that it holds, we hope to become a social hub that generates its own culture through building community!

“3 degrees” also expresses the idea of 3°C as a warning of global warming – It is said that if global temperatures rise by 3°C, the lives of two billion people would be at stake.

Sustainable practices is a core value of the salon, which we accomplish by making environmentally conscious decisions in our daily operations and giving our customers opportunities to think about the environment.